Are you worried about the less memory storage of your laptop? Well, forget about all your frustration and focus on this article!

Laptops are used in many fields like; study and business so that they should have a large space for storage. So, when you are having large memory storage, your laptops can work more efficiently while finding any file.

Thus, if the RAM is large then you can operate many browsers at the same time easily while searching. So, let’s have a look at this article to know how to increase storage on laptop?

How to Increase Storage Via SSD on Laptop?

For increasing space in your laptops, you must know first how to install a new SSD in the laptop accurately. So, before installing SSD in your laptop shut it down and remove charger cables also.

Moreover, you can increase SSD storage by changing the drive and adding a new upgraded drive with all new software. This up-gradation will help you to increase the data storage of your laptop for smooth working.

How to Increase Storage on Acer laptop?

Most of the time, it is seen that Acer laptops can’t increase storage but, in some models, it is possible to upgrade. So, first of all, before inserting any hard drive into the laptop, you must back up your data.

Secondly, there are one or two slots in the laptops to insert the SSD to enhance the data storage. Most probably, its storage can be increased by defragmentation that automatically occurs in the laptops.

Windows are capable to defragment the data but in the case of an SSD card, it is not possible. Because Windows is set for months and weeks to cope with cache or junk files that’s why when the system starts lagging defragmentation occurs.

Drawbacks of Defragmentation

Due to this defragmentation, the extra files are removed and space is increased for consistent functioning of the laptop. Moreover, this process of defragmentation does not cause any change to your data but it deletes junk from the system to refresh it.

Sometimes you have to choose the optimization option when you are procuring a new laptop. So, with the help of the taskbar, you can optimize the space and speed of the laptop easily.

Otherwise, for some models of Acer or other laptops, there is an option to change the hard drive through a proper process. The process is explained below.

  1. First, you have to copy your data or keep a backup for the data to prevent any damage to it while changing the drive.
  2. Then you have to open the panel present on the bottom of the laptop with the help of a screw tightened softly.
  3. Then remove the plastic disk with your fingers or the corner of the screw tightener. So, you can find the hard drive below it.
  4. Above this hard drive, there would be steel covering, open the four screws present on the corners. And then remove this steel plate above the drive.
  5. Now take out the drive from the mounting kit and remove the cables attached to it softly.
  6. And put the other new hard drive with it and mount the drive on that place again. But now there would be no kit with it so, you have to adjust it with some extra wrapping along the sides.
  7. In the end, put the hard drive back and close the covering, put all those screws again and close the panel.

Now you have installed a new drive to your device, so you can enjoy the full speed of RAM easily.

Storage Increment in HP Laptops

Here, if I talk about other laptops then it is a rising question that how to increase storage on HP laptop? So, the answer is the way to increase storage of the laptops like Acer and HP are mostly the same.

First, you have to check why your system is slowing down that you may have installed unnecessary applications. Also, it can be slow down by spyware or viruses so, regular scanning and increase the storage of your laptop.

Secondly, the way that I have mentioned above to change the hard drive to run the system at full speed. As the storage is not only a factor to store data but the speed of the laptop and browsing is also affected due to it.

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How to Add More Storage to Windows 10?

When your system is not working properly and stops working suddenly, it may be due to some viruses or low storage of the device.

So here, I come up today with some simple and useful ways to add more storage to your device.

  1. Delete unnecessary files
  2. Remove browsing history
  3. Free up your recycle bin
  4. Storage access to cloud storage
  5. Disable hibernation
  6. Uninstall unused applications
  7. Clear disk
  1. Delete unnecessary files

To upgrade to Windows 10, you have to clear the unnecessary files. These files can be a sort of restriction in finding useful files while searching. Moreover, these are not visible that they are taking space but can harm your system.

Also, due to this unwanted storage, your laptops can lag and will take extra time to operate various programmers. So, you must take care of storage that it should not be filled with unnecessary data files.

  1. Remove browsing history

On the other side, regularly clear your browsing history from all search engines it will be helpful to increase the storage. This history can be counted as the cache that will disturb the next browsing and can delay the browsing.

  1. Free up your recycle bin

Also, it seems that you have deleted your data from the local drives so you have made new storage but it’s not right. The data you deleted from the drive is then stored in recycle bin for days that is also a part of window storage.

So, you must free up the recycle bin in your system when you see a decrease in storage. Thus, if you delete all files from the recycle bin too then it would be an addition to your window storage.

  1. Storage access to cloud storage

Moreover, there is an option to store all important data like pictures, videos, audio, and even documents in the cloud. This cloud storage can store an ample amount of data in GB to make your windows free from any burden.

Here, you can save your all authentic information with complete privacy, and also it will help you to save storage. So, this would be an amazing way to save data and improve the working and programming of laptops.

  1. Disable hibernation

Meanwhile, adding storage to your window 10, disable hibernation is an interesting way to pick the data easily. When you leave the system while working, you may lose the file for the next time.

But when you disable the hibernation option, you can start working again from the point where you left the file. So, this feature can make it easy to search files and also prevent extra storage to the laptops.

The way to disable this option is easy that you just have to;

  • Click on the taskbar and type Command prompt
  • Then click on the option Run as administrator

So, for the next time, you don’t have to worry while searching the exact file in the system.

  1. Uninstall unused applications

Also, there are many applications installed on laptops that are not in use for a long time. So these unused applications are a source of decreasing storage of the system. These applications or programmers can be games that you don’t play.

Thus, you can add more space to your system by uninstalling them to prevent the misfunctioning of the system.

  1. Clear disk

On the other side, your laptops have an option of disk cleanup to clear the temporary files from the system. You can find it by searching in the search box Disk Cleanup. Then a dialogue box will show with all those unused and temporary files.

Also, it will tell you a calculation that these files are using how much extra space. So you can select the files that you want to clean up and free your space to add more data to it.

Thus, these are the ways that how can you upgrade Window 10 to make more space for your systems.

Can I Upgrade My Laptop Storage?

Yes, you can upgrade your laptop your storage easily while managing the installed programs and saved files in it. There are many options that how can you upgrade the storage of your system that are given below.

  1. You can insert an SSD card in the slot of your laptop
  2. You can change the Hard Drive of your system
  3. You can clear all extra files
  4. You can install Anti-virus Software


Above, in this article, I have described how to increase storage on laptop with various methods. Also, you can find information here about what are the ways that would increase the speed of your laptop.

So, I hope that after reading this article you would get enough information about the insertion of SSD cards and Hard drives. Thus, if you find it amongst the useful ones then must drop your valuable comments below. Thank you!